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A miracle treatment

on April 29, 2012

What if I told you about a miracle cream that, if applied to your body on a regular basis, would deliver the following results: elevate mood, increase energy, reduce cholesterol and body fat, improve skin, improve lung and heart function, lengthen life expectancy, reduce risk of cancers and risk of dementia, improve sleep and libido, among other things? The only side effect is a feeling of moderate discomfort that lasts about 30 minutes. Would you buy it and use it?

You probably know where I’m going with this. There is no miracle cream, but there is a miracle treatment that delivers all that: exercise.

Sorry for the cheesiness of this post. But this thought did occur to me after I finished a 30-min run today. I realized I had done something really, really good for myself in so many different ways, and all it took was some discomfort for a relatively short time. I wondered, if any product on the market delivered all of these results for some comparably uncomfortable side effect, wouldn’t people still consume it? Then why is it so hard for us to make time for something as simple and good as exercise?

Now that the weather has been so nice I’ve been spending a lot more time outside (hence my hiatus from this blog. I promise to do better about posting). And because I’m outside so much better, I’ve been more consistent about getting some exercise in, which is great. The feeling at the end of a workout is great — not just because it’s over, but because you know you’ve accomplished something good. It makes me wonder why I put it off so much.

I hope this cheesy post inspires you to treat yourself to a workout. Enjoy the nice weather and get those mind and body benefits!


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