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Flower Therapy

on October 10, 2012

I am sooo not Martha Stewart. So, if you are naturally crafty or very good with flowers, you will not get much from this post. If, like me, you enjoy beautiful things but need little tips on the craft/make-it-yourself/and-make-it-look-good department, read on, friends!

I have always enjoyed fresh flowers, but would only have them around for special occasions. Since I was never a good flower arranger, I would just buy a pre-arranged bouquet, trim it a little, and place it in a vase, exactly like it was when I purchased it. That was fine, but a couple of months ago I started a practice at my house that makes me supremely happy 🙂

Here, it is, in three easy steps:

1) Get a cheap bouquet from the local grocery. Yes, pre-arranged, but we are not going to use it as is. For the pictures on this post, I got a bouquet from Kroger for $5.99!

2) Use small vases or vase-like things you have around the house. I have been using old glass bottles (even a Frappuccino bottle). I filled the bottom of the bottles with pebbles just for a nice look. Other craftier people might tie ribbons around them and the like. I went the easy way.

3) Distribute the flowers among the vases/bottles as you like, and then place them in strategic places around your house. Here is where I like to place mine:

In the kitchen…

In the bedroom…

And in the bathroom…

It does me a world of good to look at my flowers all the time now. Today I was having a blue kind of day, and the flowers fixed me right up 🙂 I’ve also gotten some compliments from friends and family when they come over. Such a small thing but it can really make a big difference to how you feel at home.

By the way, I thought really hard about a witty way to say “flower power” in this post. But I couldn’t come up with any and it’s late and I’m tired, so… flower power!!


2 responses to “Flower Therapy

  1. Susan Hunter says:

    Great post – so true, I should do that!
    Some days it just takes something small like that to make a big difference. 🙂

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